Online advertising is an essential part of digital marketing no matter the business you are in. But which types of online advertising should your business be doing? 

It’s now more important than ever to embrace the digital world. As our consumer behavior continues to evolve, and the never-ending changes to the regulations as business owners have to adjust to. It is no longer an option for you to ignore the digital world because if you do, your business too will slowly cease to exist. 

Our daily routines such as shopping and dining have relied heavily on the online world. Whether it is food delivery, grocery shopping and researching for the services and products we need. And it will likely continue to move in this direction even more so as the year 2022 comes into our lives. So here are a few tips to how you can get your business seen online. So we have highlighted below the 4 different types of online advertising you should engage with for any of your business. 

The 4 Types of Online Advertising You Must Do For Your Business

If you are tight on budget then you can rely on these ways to gain more digital awareness: 

  1. Get your business listed on several different directories
  2. Invite bloggers, vloggers to your business or to use your products so they can feature you on their digital platforms.
  3. Make sure you have all your social media accounts set up, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps (and please put the pin on the right location), Apple Maps, Review platforms such as Wongnai & Tripadvisor. 
  4. Encourage your customers to check in to your business and write reviews for your business. 

But if you can add into your marketing budget for the 2022 we recommend jumping into these top platforms for online advertising when it comes to digital marketing. 

  1. Google Networks (Search Ads, Display Ads, YouTube, Google Maps) 
  2. Facebook Networks (Facebook, Audience Partners, Instagram) 
  3. LINE App
  4. TikTok

Here are some reasons why you need to do online advertisements?


Paid advertising is a great way to define your audience and reach a wider scope of potential customers. This type of advertising can help raise brand awareness, which in turn can increase overall sales. 

Paid advertising delivers results, and ad budgets are affordable. By specifically targeting an ad audience, you can gain valuable insights as well as retarget ads that aren’t performing well. 

Today, all social media platforms have paid advertising available. 

  • Google Networks (Search Ads, Display Ads, YouTube, Google Maps) 
  • Facebook Networks (Facebook, Audience Partners, Instagram) 
  • LINE App
  • TikTok

In conclusion, paid ads are non-negotiable. They should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Choose one or two paid advertising platforms so as to not to dilute your brand’s message. With paid advertising, it is possible to tailor your brand’s message to however you see fit. You can test to see what works and what doesn’t, and then retarget your ads. Hard work and consistent optimization will ensure your business finds itself with more quality leads and conversions.

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