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In the past few years, potential clients have become savvier with how they are influenced by marketing. In sharp contrast from traditional print or television marketing, customers are now interrupted by adverts while they have their attention on something that is of interest.

An example of this would be pop-up ads, which divert someone’s attention in order to try and persuade them to buy something or direct them to another site.

If you are a business owner, hotel manager or work in sales and marketing, you may have already heard of content marketing and how powerful it can be in driving sales to your business.

But for those of you who have not, content marketing is the art of developing stories that belong uniquely to your business – the “behind the scenes” of why, what, who and how you do things in your company.

The reason I call this ‘art’ is because now people consume news and information on their own time and don’t like to be interrupted.

I’m sure that it has even happened to you – you are watching TV and an advert interrupts you, so you switch your attention to your phone or you get up to do something entirely different instead.

It is now, more than ever, crucial to have a photo, write up or video, which showcases a compelling story behind it in order to generate interest. In other words, create a story that can capture the attention of your desired audience.

People won’t mind being interrupted if the content that is placed in front of them is creative, ads value to their experience and has a message, as opposed to just trying to cold sell them your product.

If your content is good, the customers will follow.

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