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In the past few years, potential clients have become savvier with how they are influenced by marketing. It is now, more than ever, crucial to have a video, write up or photo which showcases a compelling story behind it in order to generate interest. In other words, create a story that can capture the attention of your desired audience.
We at E-Media Asia will give your business the resources it needs to promote your products/services in the online marketing world of 2019 and beyond. We will help to determine your business’s online marketing needs, goals and target audience and choose the most effective platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc) in order to increase visibility, awareness and sales, while our creative team will create compelling written and visual content unique to your business in order to build and maintain your online presence.

What is included?


– Defining your target market & choosing the most effective platform for you business.

– Determining your company’s needs and goals to achieve.

– Building and maintaining your brand’s online presence.

– Creating content in terms of photography, videos, animations, graphics and written content.

– Assistance in online customer service via social media platforms.


E-Media Asia is a digital and social media marketing agency that is able to provide, execute and implement marketing strategies with a strong focus on content creation and digital distribution. E-Media’s main focus is to liaising customers with businesses while increasing sales by expanding visibility, awareness and engagement through online channels.


For 5 years, we have successfully worked with clients building strong campaigns that drive traffic, increase awareness and sales while also building an online community. Through our experience, we have developed a cornerstone strategy for our clients which sheds light on how to use social media for business and how to execute the strategies that we develop together.