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Facebook knows a lot about us as individuals – age, nationality, gender, email, interests, location, if you are a tourist, expat or a local, and even what type of device you use.

If you are connected with their apps on your phone, chances are that they probably even know your phone number.

From a Facebook user’s point of view it may seem a little intrusive, but what does it mean for your business?

Currently, there are more businesses using Facebook adverts than ever before, which is great! Facebook ads are definitely a way to reach potential customers.

It also means more opportunities to reach those potential clients and even opportunities to help develop your relationship with current ones.

However, there are different ways to target your audience with Facebook and each type of advert has a different objective, whether it be to drive traffic to your website, to promote your page, or to create more awareness for your posts and generate leads.

The advantage of these ads is that you can change or even stop using them if they’re not giving you the results you desire.

Set your budget, but be sure to keep an eye on different metrics such as engagement, cost per click or click through ratio, to be sure your ads are performing well.

To be effective with these types of ads you really must test different approaches with each.

The best way to create an ad is through the Power Editor. For instance, if you’re a restaurant and your main clientele are tourists, you can select the option ‘people who are traveling in this location’ + ‘only people connected with WIFI’. By selecting these options Facebook will narrow your advert audience to tourists only.

There are many more options to select a specific audience available, you just need to play around with the settings and see what best suits your business’s needs.

A helpful tip – don’t use the ‘boost a post’ option that Facebook offers you on every post you put out there. It may seem like the easiest way to promote your posts, but it doesn’t mean that those like will convert into customers and you’ll end up wasting money.

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