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To keep a restaurant busy is not easy. Every day you try to get more covers and do your best to get people coming through your door, but it’s difficult to reach the right people. Nowadays people research before they go and wonder around – they won’t just walk around to find a nice spot, but they will scan through reviews, images and menus before they walk right up to the place they want to have dinner at.

E-Media wants to help you to fill up your restaurant, in high and low season, and therefore teamed up with DineDesk, a restaurant management system that allows guests to make reservations 24/7. This is how our new service E-Table was born.

With E-Table you can receive online reservations from all your online marketing channels – from your website to Facebook or your Blog. The management of the system is easy: we send you an email or SMS with each reservation made, and you can easily close out hours or days when you don’t want reservations to come in – because you have a prior event. You won’t miss bookings because guests can’t reach you on the phone, plus you can easily collect the guests information, without your staff having to spend extra time on it.

When you sign up with E-Table you will receive the following benefits:

  • A reservation system that can be integrated on your website, Facebook or other websites you want it to be featured on.
  • Every reservation booked online is instantly visible to you and your staff.
  • A listing on our website – including a description, opening hours and the booking widget that allows direct booking online.
  • Centralised Guest Management system.
  • Management of deals and special offers.
  • Possibility of notifying guests of their booking/table status by text message or e-mail.

Besides that it will also be possible to collect payments online – so when you have a group or special function at your restaurant you’ll avoid having no-shows and losing out money.

What are you waiting for? Contact Daniel on +66869518560 or to sign up, or to ask for more information.

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