There are a number of ways to increase your organic reach on Instagram. But Instagram Stories, reels, and IGTV are in particular the best ways to increase your organic reach on Instagram. They were all designed to increase the engagement of Instagram Users. So let’s first start with increasing your organic reach through Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories offer lots of built-in tools to create fun, interactive stories within Instagram’s app. Take note on these two types of engagement types: 

  • Passive engagement is when people watch your stories but don’t take any action.
  • Active engagement happens when your viewers take direct action with your story, whether that’s voting in a poll, resharing, navigating to your profile, or some other type of interaction.

While both types of engagement are good, Instagram highly favors actively engaged viewers. So, how do you encourage active engagement in your stories?

#1: Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Story stickers are the best way to turn your story into an interactive experience.
When you create a new story, you’ll see options across the top. The four on the right—filters, stickers, the draw tool, and text—are the ones you’ll use to customize your image or video.

When you select the stickers tool, you can choose from the most popular trending stickers or search for a specific type of sticker that better suits your unique content.

The best stickers to promote Instagram story interactions are:

  • Question
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Slider
  • Countdown

These stickers invite your viewers to participate and provide metrics so you can keep track of responses to see what your audience is interested in as you build out your Instagram content strategy.

Don’t forget to add hashtags, location and mentions … already covered in the sections above!

Make sure to mix photos and videos in your Instagram stories as this is an effective way to maintain the curiosity and attention of your viewers. A variety of posts within the stories also encourages active engagement. For example, if you show your viewers a short video, why not follow it up with an interactive sticker poll?

#3: Use The Instagram Link Sticker

The Instagram Link Sticker allows users to add an external link to an Instagram story. Story link stickers let you promote multiple pieces of content and products as well as allowing analytics to help you optimize your Instagram story.

Adding a link sticker is the same as adding any sticker. This is how it’s done:

  1. In the Instagram app, press the plus sign on the bottom center
  2. Scroll to select Story
  3. Create your Story using all of your gorgeous media and content
  4. Tap the Sticker icon in the top row
  5. Add your link
  6. Then send to your Story, and you’re done!

Once you have posted your first Instagram Link Sticker don’t forget to check your metrics so that you can optimize your click-through rate. If you are not getting as many taps as you want, make sure that you have a clear call to action and you aren’t overloading your Instagram posts with too much information!

Instagram Reels and IGTV play videos within their own designated spaces in the Instagram app. Both of these tools can help you to boost your visibility and engagement when shared directly in your Instagram feed.

What’s The Difference Between Instagram Reels and IGTV?

Instagram as a platform is constantly evolving as the user behaviour changes and the Instagram Stories is just old news. People want something new and fun. And that’s where both IGTV and Reels come in. Both offering very different opportunities to share different types of content to your audience:


  • Reels are short videos of up to 15 seconds.
  • It’s a great trailer videos and fun clip (bloopers)
  • Automatically upload to the Instagram Explore page


  • IGTV are the longer format of videos and can be as long as 10 minutes
  • Visible on main profile and separate IGTV tab
  • This version of instagram is similar to YouTube – a place for high quality, edited content
  • IGTV videos appear 4x larger than photos on the Explore page
  • Ideal to share polished content, brand films, webinars, Q&As, cinematic advertising
  • Previewed on main feed promoting click-throughs to profile

Now everyone in the marketing world knows that Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing. So it can be hard to predict which one will work better. But you can analyze your statistics to see which works better for your brand.

Make Sure To Share Instagram Reels and IGTV Content to Your Feed

When sharing Instagram Reels and IGTV content to your Instagram feed, the good news is that there is no need to retype your caption or hashtags. Sharing is as easy as tapping a button during the upload process so that they will appear in your feed. 

IGTV videos show as a preview to your viewers. They’ll get a glimpse of the beginning of the video, and then be prompted to continue watching once the preview ends. When you share IGTV videos and Reels, the videos will then be available to view on your profile page. It’s important to remember that these icons won’t be visible until after you’ve shared a video from either Reels or IGTV.

Instagram marketing tips for reels and IGTV videos:

  • Make your video exciting at the start to captivate the viewer’s attention.
  • Choose a cover image that looks good cropped in Instagram’s square ratio.

These videos will show up in your regular Instagram content grid. While they’ll be in a vertical ratio on Reels and IGTV, Instagram will crop your cover photo into a square to display it on your profile page. Choose your cover photo wisely to make sure the important parts aren’t cropped out!

So To Sum It All Up

Consistency is key. You want your followers to immediately recognize your content, so this means using the same filters, fonts and color schemes so that every post feels like it complements the other. Each post should be working towards highlighting or being part of your brand.

Also, it’s okay to ask for engagement. For example, many YouTubers often say, “If you like this video, please hit the subscribe button.” This tactic also works well on Instagram.