Want more exposure on Instagram?

Wondering how to reach more people organically?

Looking to improve your organic reach on Instagram without spending a single satang on ads? Here are 10 tips to improve your organic reach on Instagram. These tips are broken down by content type, so you can find exactly what you need for your marketing strategy. And if you haven’t already set up an instagram account then you need to make sure you do so! Here’s a guide on how to set up an instagram account for your business.

How to Get More Organic Exposure and Engagement for Instagram

Your feed is the first thing you see when you open Instagram, and the same is true for every user of the platform. If someone stops scrolling to take a look at your content, you’ve already won half the battle. So, how do you get someone to engage with your post instead of just looking at your post? How do you make the most of that exposure? Here’s some helpful tips.

#1: Prioritize Instagram Carousel Images Post

Carousels are posts that have 2-10 images where you can view by swiping through the content. Easy to identify by the row of dots under the first photo. They are a great way to showcase an album of photos in a single post. It’s convenient and you can upload multiple photos and videos in one go. Not to mention Instagram Carousels double your chances for exposure on Instagram!

How, you might be wondering?
Well if a viewer sees the first photo in your Carousel post and doesn’t engage, Instagram resurfaces the post in their feed again later, but features a different image from within the Carousel! So it’s like getting a second chance with your potential customers.

Instagram marketing tips for Carousels:

  • Don’t post the same image more than once in a carousel.
  • Place your best image first in the sequence. The prettier the first photo is the more likely the audience is to engage with it.

#2: Make Your Instagram Captions Stand Out

Instagram gives you two lines of text before cutting off the rest of what you are trying to say. If you want a viewer to click “more” you need to start with a catchy line at the beginning of your caption. You want to give your readers a quick preview of what you are offering by gaining their attention and interest to keep reading. This also is a way of sorting your potential customers by categories of service/product they are looking for. When a viewer taps to read more, Instagram recognizes this as positive engagement. 

Instagram marketing tips for captions:

#3: Create & Develop an Instagram Hashtag Strategy

The goal of using hashtags on Instagram posts is to help you reach as many viewers as possible for a long period of time, which gives your content a longer lifespan.

Instagram hashtags for business are paramount for your marketing strategy. They allow you to target audiences organically, especially those looking for specific topics and areas of interest.

Best Instagram hashtag strategy for organic content is to use combinations of:

  • Trending relevant hashtags
  • Moderately popular hashtags
  • Niche-specific hashtags
  • Personally branded hashtags

Combining the popular/trending hashtags with some specific hashtags will reach the right audience as well as potential clients will be more likely to engage more often with your content.

Instagram hashtagging tips:

  • Use a variety of hashtags, as well as targetted hashtag (hashtags that are relevant to your business) to reach a broader audience.

#4: Use Location Tags on Instagram

Another great way to reach an audience is with location tags. It’s an overlooked instagram marketing strategy, but tagging a location to your post will increase your reach and engagement. It makes your brand visible to viewers who are posting and/or searching within that specific area.

When you create a new post, make sure to tap Add Location.

Instagram location tagging tip:

  • Don’t only go for the obvious YOUR LOCATION tagging but mix it up with locations where your potential customers could be as well. For example, if you are selling pet services in Phuket, then tagg the pet friendly places in your location.

#5: Tag Other Instagram Accounts and People on Instagram

Don’t forget to tag instagram accounts that are relevant to your content. It’s really easy to do and can help you reach even more brands. All you have to do is simply tap Tag People when uploading a new post. If you’re uploading an image, just tap directly on the photo to tag the person or account. When uploading videos, hit the + button to tag.

Tagging relevant accounts gives the tagged user a notification that you’ve added them into your content which will prompt them to react to the post. As well as grow your reach to the audience who are following those accounts.

Tagging Instagram account tips:

  • Limit your tags to people and/or brand accounts that are relevant to your content.
  • If you tag someone in a photo or video, you should also include an @mention in the caption to ensure people see the tag and/or caption


There are several other ways to increase your organic reach on Instagram, such as Organic Exposure with Instagram stories, reels and IGTV.