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The power of paid media on digital channels has disrupt the ways companies advertise. Opposite of traditional media, paid advertisement has the ability to directly target a specific audience. Beyond than a basic “boost post” option, our intense curiosity and ongoing ”test and learn”, has helped us to identify and select the right campaign to promote your business.

Paid strategies for distribution can’t overcome poor content quality. However, by leveraging techniques and technology formerly reserved for traditional advertising, brands can ensure they’re giving their stories the chance to travel, last and deliver authentic value.

Why should you use


Here are three reasons why Paid is now an integral part of an effective content strategy:

  1. It brings messages front and centre – as organic reach is on the decline, getting the right messages in front of the right audiences via paid targeting helps brands’ messages float to the top of relevant audiences’ newsfeeds.
  2. It breathes new life into content – the lifespan of content continues to shrink, so applying paid spend to a historically successful piece of content at key touchpoints throughout the year can help brands authentically engage and be seasonally relevant.
  3. It’s hyper-trackable – while traditional media performance is analysed by circulation of a publication, paid digital campaigns are engineered to allow for tracking of performance elements such as engagement, clicks, view times etc. to help benchmark success and plan future campaigns.


Facebook is today’s largest used platform. Creating adverts on this channel is one of the top ways to drive traffic to your website, generate sales and increase brand awareness. E-Media can create interesting and unique adverts that show across Facebook’s massive platform, generating new customers by targeting the audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information, to match your potential customers as much as possible.


Instagram today’s fastest growing platform. Creating adverts on this increasingly popular platform will help drive traffic to your business’s other social media platforms and website. With distinguishing Instagram adverts, E-Media Asia will help you manage campaigns to drive awareness to your brand and increase your customer base through eye-catching visuals targeted to your targeted audience.


Google adverts still remain one of the most effective ways to reach customers with specific needs. E-Media Asia manages google adwords, with the right captions and description to trigger an action / sales. This will help increase the visibility of your website in Google’s search results, increasing the chances of your business being seen and driving more traffic to your website.


Video still remains the highest way to increase the visibility of your products and services. YouTube adverts aim to target these audiences, driving them to your website and social media channels. E-Media Asia uses YouTube adverts to engage, reach your target audience with compelling videos of your business, making your business more reachable and noticeable while generating more clients.