Responsive design

Fast, responsive design across all Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop platforms. A must have for 2019!

Beautiful design

Easy to use and beautifully designed to attract and retain your customers’ attention.

Driven for sales

Integrating the latest and most effective systems to turn a potential client into a client.

We design & develop

At the end of the day, you need a fast and effective website that is both functional and visually pleasing in order to deliver your business’s message and product effectively and efficiently to your clients. Additionally, it should turn your potential customers into paid customers. After all, a website’s main purpose is to:

  • Be user friendly
  • Be up to date with modern day technology requirements
  • Gain potential customers’ trust
  • Generate sales


Visually Pleasing Design

Not only do we, at E-Media Asia, design our websites to be visually pleasing, but we also design a layout that allows your visitors to easily maneuver and drive them to generate sales. Photography is usually needed and sometimes included.

Fully Responsive

There is no point in spending time and money on a beautiful, well-designed website for 2019 if it is not responsive, particularly for mobiles. E-Media Asia is dedicated to creating fast, respondent designs that are both functional and appealing across all Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop platforms.

Sales Driven

E-Media Asia designs websites with the priority to increase online sales through your very own website. We do so by integrating the latest and most effective systems that best fit your business’s sales needs.

    Tour Booking Engine

    E-Commerce Shops

    Restaurant Reservation System

    Restaurant Ordering System

    Accommodation Booking Engine

    Booking Engine For Spas

    Appointment Booking For Salons, Health Centers etc.


We know that every business is unique and has different needs. Not only does E-Media pinpoint the latest and most effective systems best fit for your business, but also can create an easy to manage website using WordPress cms system, where business owners can assign staff manage edits, such as minor text and image updates, without having to hire a technician every time.

An All In One Service

We at E-Media Asia offer an all-in-one service for those looking to up their business's social media marketing game. We offer everything from graphic design, photography development, website hosting and text development, videoraphy, as well as the integration of sales systems specifically chosen to help your business generate income.

Integrations With Other Systems / Services

We understand that it’s not enough to have a beautiful, fast website for your clients to be directed to. At E-Media Asia, we help create a functional and efficient site by integrating on-site analytics, contact forms, social media widgets, web analytics, as well as widgets that can help increase your business’s email database.

Proper Multi Lingual Website

We understand that target markets vary depending on business and season. At E-Media Asia, we offer translation services for your website or social media platforms using native speakers from your preferred language. No shortcuts, no Google Translate! proper translations with each page or post duplicated from the original language and new, translated text inserted manually.


Our work & designs