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No matter the size of your company in the hospitality industry, social media is a great way to start a conversation with your target market, sharpen your message or brand and increase sales all while building a loyal community. Truly social media can be leveraged to create outstanding marketing campaigns.

E-Media Asia’s Consulting Team has successfully worked for clients, building strong campaigns that drive traffic, increase awareness and sales while building a community. Through its experience, they have developed a cornerstone strategy, which sheds light on how to use social media for business to its clients and how to execute these strategies that are developed together.

So what are E-Media’s top five tips for successful social media marketing?

– Be consistent

– Have a concrete strategy and plan for your brand

– Use great quality content, photography and videography on a regular basis

– Engage and be responsive with your audience

–  Use power editor for more accurate targeted advertising


But, what is Social Media Marketing and why does it matter?

“It is almost in 2017 and customers’ attention are on the screens of their mobile phones, and from a marketing perspective, social media is one of the best ways to deliver your business’s message to a very specific audience,” says E-Media Asia’s director, Daniel Villota. “So we need to understand and breakdown social media marketing into its core components. Social media is about joining and building a conversation with a specific audience with the aim of the delivering a business marketing message without seeming too intrusive.”

However, Daniel notes that though many businesses think because social media channels are free, it doesn’t require much of an effort or attention for companies to build upon it. However, to build a strong presence in social media that brings results, everyone in the business, from lower levels up to the top management positions, need to be informed and involved. Otherwise it is still possible to fall into the common pitfalls and mistakes that so many companies make.

Avoiding these mistakes will certainly position your business for social media success.

So then how are successful companies using social media?

Daniel says that the most successful companies are the ones aiming to create a well-known brand by using social media to drive sales, build traffic, get bookings, and build an online community – noting that this takes time and resources; it won’t happen in a short period of time.

Where does E-Media come into play in all of this?

E-Media will help your company tell its story on different social platforms – a one-stop solution for any business’s social media and digital marketing needs from visual content creation, such as photography and videography, to written content, search engine marketing, and community management (maintaining customer relations online).

“The strategy development portion of a social media campaign is crucial for the success of a company. You must ask and be able to answer the appropriate and relevant questions to develop your campaign; Is our message clear cut for customers to remember? What is our unique selling point? What social sites is your target market currently using? How much time is needed to consistently interact with your social community?,” Daniel added.

Strategy and research are of course only half the battle. Once your strategy is set, it’s time to execute with either E-Media’s professional team or by building and training your own team, which is also another component to E-Media’s diverse social media outreach.

“We can also train your team if you prefer this approach. This is by far the most important part of social media marketing, so it is imperative that you get it right,” Daniel says.

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