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How does WhatsApp business connects with Facebook?

We all know what Whatsapp is, pretty much anybody that has ever held a phone can say that they know what this little social icon is. But have you heard of the sister app WhatsApp Business? And do you know how it can be used when they have a strict no-ads policy? 

WhatsApp has become a trusted messenger application that is secure and used by several big organizations. But when Facebook bought out WhatsApp every marketer questioned when were they going to release functions for businesses? Will they allow businesses to have a business WhatsApp like a Facebook business page where communications can be managed between staff in a company? When was this going to be available?

In January 2018, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business but only recently became available to businesses in Thailand. If you haven’t already explored this application your question will be very similar to ours; Why WhatsApp Business? What are the features? How convenient is it to use?

Why use WhatsApp business in Thailand? 

  • WhatsApp is a widely used application worldwide, with WhatsApp Business customers on WhatsApp can discover your business easier. 
  • Facebook allows you to connect your business page with your Whatsapp Business for easier communication and customer service through Facebook. 
  • Not only that Facebook also allows you to select the Call To Action as the WhatsApp chat
  • Businesses can display a catalog to showcase their products and services.

What are the features of WhatsApp business available to Thailand?

  • On your business profile, you can display your business information such as your address, phone number, business details, email address, and a website link.
  • Display a catalog to showcase your product and services to your potential customers
  • Easily manage conversations with your customers in a time-saving way. Functions like Quick Replies and reuse saved messages will allow you to answer common questions quicker and more efficiently. 
  • You can also set up automated messages for certain messages received from your customers. Similar to that of a ChatBot on Facebook.
  • Messaging statistics – allows you to review the metrics behind your sent messages, understand how many were delivered and how many were read. 
  • WhatsApp Business API; this is specifically for medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your interaction with customers from anywhere, so you can connect with them in a simple, secure, and reliable way

How convenient is it for your staff to manage WhatsApp business? 

  • You can create a WhatsApp Business that allows several team members to manage your WhatsApp Business however for this function it does come at a price of 
  • For those that are small businesses, we recommend getting one common ground phone number to connect with the WhatsApp Business and manage through there. 

In conclusion, this platform is definitely worth jumping into as we all know WhatsApp is commonly used for communications on a day to day basis. Setting up your page and system can be tricky but used correctly it can benefit your business a lot. If you want us to help you set up your WhatsApp Business, all you need to do is send us a message:

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