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Keeping your website up to date is a must nowadays and plays a very important role in a business’s social media strategy.

Here in Phuket, we often come across websites made three, four, or even six years ago.

Unfortunately, and understandably, the rapid growth of technology hasn’t made things easy to keep up with.

Your website is the first impression that your customers will have about your business. Whether you are a tiny coffee shop or a medium-size company, having a website will help you establish rapport and will help you acquire new clients.

One of the main goals in social media marketing is to drive quality traffic to your website. People that have already engaged with your brand through social media will need to be redirected to your website.

Why? Because most people who use social media are not looking to buy something. No one is really in ‘buy mode’ while pursuing Facebook or Instagram, and no one wants to hear or read a sales pitch while every time.

So if you get the attention of a potential customer on your social media channels with valuable content, the next step will be to redirect them to your website. This is where the transaction really takes place!

But bear in mind that the number of users on mobile devices is growing exponentially, even in the Asia-Pacific.

Google has even changed its algorithm for mobile devices; allowing them to scan websites and check for load times and responsive design elements.

This means that mobile e-commerce will become increasingly important to your business. So having a mobile version of your site will help users easily find the information they are looking for.

To redesign your website and make it part of your social media plan, you don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands of baht. There are plenty of reasonably priced options out there.

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