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Advantages of Outsourcing digtial marketing - e-media asia

Advantages of Outsourcing

Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Company Beats an In-House Team

In the aftermath of the challenging times brought by the pandemic and economic crisis, many businesses are still feeling the impact and striving to regain their footing. With limited resources and the need to cut costs to stay afloat, companies are facing the question of how to sustain their sales and growth in the absence of robust digital marketing efforts. But how can a business continue to sell if there are no digital marketing efforts? 

The answer is plain simple, YOU CAN’T. 

Unless you are Nike, Adidas, Chanel, Zara or any other big brand, the chances are your brand will slip their minds. It comes down to the next question, how can I continue my digital marketing for my business in Thailand?

In today’s digital-driven world, having a strong online presence is more critical than ever. While businesses may be tempted to handle their marketing efforts in-house to save costs, outsourcing digital marketing to a specialized agency has emerged as a more effective and practical solution.

By hiring existing digital marketing agencies in Thailand, they have already sourced the skillsets that are required to make an online marketing campaign a success. They have the manpower that is required to execute the tasks at hand. Not only that they also have already acquired and tested several technologies as well as marketing trends to know what works and what doesn’t. Besides the above two reasons it breaks down to 7 reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency is better than having an in-house marketing team.


SEVEN Reasons to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency Over an In-House Team:


    Running your own in house team requires a lot of resources, mainly human and technological resources—equipment like cameras, gimbals, computers, technological systems, drones and the list goes on and on. It requires several different skill sets like editors, graphic designer, video editor, e-commerce and marketing manager, and all these skillsets combine into one large cost of payroll. In most cases a lot more than signing a contract with an already settled team, that has all the skillset and technology on hand. Digital marketing, after all, is NOT a one-man show. 


    This point links very well with point number 1, setting up your team may take months, trial and error on finding the person with the right skillset and getting them to work together like a well-oiled machine could take even longer. Not to mention all the trial, error, analysis that are required until you find the right tactic and strategy that works for your business. And time right now is of the essence, every second count, there is no time to lose during such a deep loss of revenue. Hiring a digital marketing company who already has that experience and a team already can quickly implement the marketing strategy for your business in order to get a quick result. Bringing your business one step ahead from those trying to build an in-house team. 


    When you hire an agency, they track the latest digital marketing trends. Making sure you are always ahead of the pack. They know what consumers want, what they are looking for, what works and what is likely not to work. An agency can scale a campaign much faster than an in house team. Which once again puts your business one step ahead of the game


    Organization that are aiming to provide products and services while using an agency will attest to the lowered stress level of trying to handle it themselves. It makes logical sense, take away the worry of marketing, and it gives the organization more ability to focus on other tasks, like development, product suppliers, growth etc.


    Digital marketing agencies have a comprehensive set of skills; one of these skills is their ability to use analytics. They can define where is the best place to target your potential customers, determine your search visibility on the web, and so much more. A different perspective is always an asset, especially one that is reliable and accountable. Which bring us to point number 6.


    A top digital marketing agency is reliable and accountable. Meaning that if you want to call to ask about updates or to change the strategy or to find out about sales number, they are there to help you immediately. You get a reliable team behind your back. One that doesn’t require vacation leaves, sick leave and so on. If you have an idea or question, you can call them, or drop by knowing they are ready to help your business reach your marketing goals. One that can explain the strategy and the numbers behind it, update current ROI and give you advise on new strategies and campaigns. 


    At the end of it all the results are what counts, the books need counting up, the numbers need to crunching and profit needs to be made. Exactly how much you make is up to you, if it was just you are your team. But if you had an agency, your numbers could be higher, higher than ever before. They can help you to set achievable goals that drive more customers and more money your way, all the while giving you a team on your side and peace of mind to be as creative as you can be.

Digital Marketing is essential, it’s super important. People NEED to SEE a business. Without any online marketing, your business won’t reach anyone. It’s like having a ship without a captain; it will drift around the ocean missing its opportunities, never going where it wanted it to go. But marketing is hard; it’s time and workforce consuming, stressful and expensive to do with your own in house team. Using an agency is like having your own team, one that has everything you already need to get the ball rolling, one that will not just save you money but make you potentially a lot more.

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